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Get Adobe Flash player In the fast-changing global marketplace, it is more important than ever for companies to be able to create links and establish contacts with other businesses in their field. Business is entering the Age of the Internet, which while daunting to many small companies can mean an explosion of economic and productivity growth.

The dynamics of global growth are changing as profoundly as they did with the advent of railroads or electricity. With the Internet, it becomes much easier to provide services of all types from banking to shopping, education to consulting, all done through a Web site that is globally accessible.

The Internet is the backbone of greater service trade Joseph Quinlan, senior international economist at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

The challenge then becomes how will your company be found in all the noise? BerkshireBiz is all about businesses helping other businesses to succeed. The site features thousands of carefully selected companies and business links that we hope users will find useful.

Please click a link below to browse through the categories of business on the site. If you would like to suggest website that could be useful to our site's users please send us an email.